Vision Care

Latter-day Saint Charities specialists training local eye care professionals.

Our Mission

Prevent avoidable blindness and visual impairment as we strengthen eye care services to the poor by mentoring vision professionals who work in health care organizations. We also provide equipment, supplies, and organizational support to these eye care professionals and programs.

Our Approach

Specialists volunteer their time in a short-term program in which they help provide training, equipment, and supplies to assist local eye care professionals and programs. Since 2003 more than 550,000 people have benefited from Latter-day Saint Charities vision projects throughout the world.

2018 Impact

People Served309,800


Latter-day Saint Charities volunteers and technical specialists help doctors improve their diagnostic and treatment techniques.


Doctors are trained on how to use donated equipment, and technicians are trained on the maintenance. The technology ensures improved diagnoses and disease treatment.


Depending on the project, consumable supplies such as lenses, sutures, medications, and eyeglasses are donated. These are often acquired from local vendors.