Maternal and Newborn Care

A group of women being trained in neonatal resuscitation.

Our Mission

Provide lifesaving training and equipment for birth attendants to help resuscitate babies at birth, support the care of newborns, and improve maternal survival.

Our Approach

We work with local organizations to initiate a perpetuated train-the-trainer program for doctors, nurses, and midwives based on curriculum from “Helping Babies Breathe”, “Essential Care for Every Baby” and “Helping Mothers Survive”. In addition to the lifesaving skills that are taught, delivery rooms and midwives are provided the equipment needed to practice and implement the techniques they have learned.

2018 Impact

People Served53,800


Utilizing the train-the-trainer method, in-country representatives from hospitals and clinics learn to train local birth attendants neonatal resuscitation skills, as well as maternal and newborn care techniques.


Easily transportable bags of equipment are donated to groups of trainers to facilitate the perpetuation of training to others. In addition to course applicable equipment, at least one hand-operated resuscitator is provided in each clinical setting to support the use of learned techniques.

Widespread Effect

Each person who attends a course are instructed and given resources to train others so that the training can reach a larger number of people and have a greater impact.