A woman in Kakuma, Kenya sits with her child for immunizations.

Our Mission

Preserve life and protect health, particularly of children, by improving access to immunization services. Our efforts have increased the number of immunized children and reduced the number of lives lost to measles, rubella, maternal and neonatal tetanus, polio, diarrhea, pneumonia, and yellow fever.

Our Approach

Latter-day Saint Charities provides monetary support to prominent global immunization partners in order to deliver and improve the following services:

  • Vaccine delivery systems
  • Disease monitoring
  • Outbreak response
  • Health care worker training
  • Elimination and eradication programming
  • Vaccine procurement

2018 Impact


Disease Eradication & Elimination

Latter-day Saint Charities supports global efforts to eradicate diseases like polio as well as elimination programs that reduce new cases of a disease like maternal and neonatal tetanus.

Immunization System-Strengthening

Latter-day Saint Charities helps countries develop routine immunization services by contributing to cold-chain systems, the training of health care workers, and community outreach/education.

Outbreak Response

Latter-day Saint Charities provides funding to prevent and fight disease outbreaks, particularly among geographically isolated populations and groups fleeing conflict.