Clean Water

A person pouring clean water for others to drink.

Our Mission

Provide communities with clean water sources, improved sanitation facilities, and proper hygiene training.

Our Approach

Our clean water program uses community participation—donations of time and skills—to organize an intricate network of volunteers and temporary staff. We use equipment and materials that are easy to repair and can be acquired locally to create fresh water systems and latrines for communities around the world.

2018 Impact

People Served657,500

Water Systems

We evaluate the natural resources in an area, and work to create water and sanitation systems that are built with local technology and maintained by the community.

Local Water Committees

Local citizens are given the responsibility to determine a water-use fee as well as maintain the water system both during the project and after its completion.

Hygiene Training

Families send representatives to receive training on proper sanitation and hygiene practices from a designated trainer in their community each week during this project.