Benson Food

Woman standing in a community garden.

Our Mission

Support community efforts to improve the health and well-being of families through projects in food production, food storage, and nutrition training.

Our Approach

We identify and leverage local resources to meet challenges in food security. Our projects often target families, but we also partner with organizations to help communities as a whole. The objective of these projects is to help beneficiaries increase their food security through sustainable and economical practices.

2018 Impact

People Served311,700

Home Food Production

Families and communities can increase their food security by using sustainable practices such as gardening and animal production. Beneficiaries use their local resources to learn methods that are most effective and appropriate to their environment. As a result, they learn practices that are both sustainable and effective.

Improved Nutrition

Understanding healthy nutrition is an important part of helping families improve their food security. Our projects include training on the health benefits of producing and consuming a more nutritional and balanced diet. This training is adapted to the environment and culture of the participants.

Food Storage

Food storage is increasing food security. Our projects include training on food storage practices that are relevant and practical for the local environment and culture.