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You can do something. Find service opportunities at
LDS Charities is excited to partner with to launch the #YouCanDoSomething initiative. We’re inviting everyone to serve locally and donate to good causes globally to help change the world.

Each of us can have an impact in our communities. When we give our time to serve others, it brightens not only the world around us but also our own lives. Opportunities to serve are everywhere.

Starting on March 1 and continuing through August 2019, LDS Charities and JustServe will release a series of videos showing how others are serving and will offer ideas about how you can serve. You can search for service opportunities in your area by visiting

The most effective humanitarian work involves finding local solutions to local problems. When disasters hit or needs arise in faraway countries or communities, the Church encourages members to donate to the global Humanitarian Aid fund in response to those needs. Then members are asked to go out and serve in their local communities.

“Many people wonder how they can help with the Church’s humanitarian efforts,” said Matt Heaps, a product manager with LDS Charities. “We’re so excited to partner with JustServe to inspire people to serve and then give them a place to find service opportunities.”

You can start by sharing one of the #YouCanDoSomething videos, which will be posted on the LDS Charities Facebook page and Then commit to do something: find an organization or opportunity where you can volunteer locally.

So, how can you get involved and inspire others to do the same? Check out these ideas:

Think about your skills. What tasks or activities are easy for you that may be hard for others?
Find a need or cause you are interested in. There are all kinds of organizations that need volunteers.
Research local organizations that meet that need. You can look on websites such as JustServe,, and others.
Make a commitment to serve. It could be one night a month or a few hours each week.
You can follow the service of others and share your own experiences by using the hashtags #JustServe and #YouCanDoSomething.

For more information on how to find and volunteer with local organizations in your community, visit our How to Help page.
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