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Behind the Scenes: The Road Home

In this Behind the Scenes video for LDS Charities, Kristen takes us on a tour of The Road Home, a Salt Lake City-based nonprofit that serves local homeless populations. Matthew Minkevitch, the Executive Director at The Road Home, shows how donations from LDS Charities directly benefit the shelter.
LDS Charities donates food, clothing, and blankets to homeless people who stay in The Road Home.

Mr. Minkevitch talks about the symbolic effect that giving away blankets from LDS Charities has on people. “People who are coming to us can be cold and wet and feeling abandoned. They’re not in a good place in their life,” he said. “And by helping someone to come in and feel welcome, and help them to warm themselves and feel dry, is the first step in a person recognizing that he or she is not worthless but is worthwhile.”

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