STEP 1: Form Community Partnerships​

You will need support from professional healthcare organizations, manufacturing organizations, and volunteers in your community to make this project successful.

Professional Healthcare Organization Partners:

Hospital systems, clinics, and medical professionals provide credibility, healthcare knowledge, and access to important resources, such as disinfection services and distribution of finished PPE to healthcare workers in your town or region. It is vital to communicate with healthcare facilities early and often to create a plan to determine the PPE they need most and logistics for receiving and distributing PPE to healthcare workers.​

Manufacturing Partners:

High-volume cloth-goods production capabilities are needed to: ​

  • Source and receive large shipments of cloth and other supplies.​
  • Provide machinery and process expertise to efficiently cut out PPE.​
  • Deliver pre-assembled “kits” to sites where volunteers can pick up kits and drop off finished masks.​

Community Volunteer Partners:

This project will succeed with support from community volunteers. Groups and associations in your community can supply needed volunteers for this effort, including churches, large employers, community quilting and sewing groups, colleges and universities, service clubs, or local social media communities.

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