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What is WASH?

The WASH program, created by UNICEF, stands for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene. These three issues are dependent on each other. Clean water is essential to basic hygiene practices and sanitation. Poor sanitation and hygiene practices can contaminate water sources.

Through this program, participating organizations help communities improve their quality of and access to water. These organizations also help communities install basic toilets to separate human waste from contact with people and the water supply, and they provide education on proper sanitation practices. WASH programs are conducted in over 100 countries worldwide.

An estimated 2.4 billion people are not able to practice proper hygiene and sanitation. Clean water, basic toilets, and proper hygiene can improve survival rates and child development in under developed countries. Without these basic necessities and practices, many children throughout the world are at risk of disease and death. For children under the age of five, water and sanitation-related illnesses are a leading cause of death.