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Quadrupling Harvests with One Acre Fund in Kenya

Emily Khasoa stands in a field near her home in Kenya.

Five years ago, Emily Khasoa couldn’t put enough food on her table to feed her children. She also struggled to pay her children’s school fees and had to work long hours helping her neighbors to make ends meet.

Emily lives in Kakamega, Kenya, with her husband and three children. Because her husband is a long-distance bus driver and is gone for long periods of time, it’s usually up to Emily to take care of the children, the home, and the farming.

Like many women in Africa, Emily farms on a half-acre of her family’s land and uses the proceeds from her harvests to feed her family and pay for her children to go to school. She has also used her maize harvests to pay for the costs of building a new house and to purchase a cow and a goat.

But it wasn’t always possible for her to get so much out of her farming efforts.

One of LDS Charities’ signature programs is the Benson Food and Agriculture initiative. Through this work LDS Charities finds partners who help increase the food security of families around the world. One Acre Fund is one of these NGO partners.

For Emily, the results of joining with One Acre Fund were visible after a single growing season—her harvests quadrupled.

Before joining One Acre Fund, Emily says she used to stress about how to afford to send her children to school, but the financial freedom that has come from self-sufficiency has removed that stress.

“I’m not stressed because I get to spend more time with my children,” she said. “I feel like I know them better and I’m even able to help them with their schoolwork.”

With her plentiful harvest, Emily also gives back to her community. She takes one whole bag from her harvest—what would have been half of her previous yield—and donates it to her church for those in need.

“Planting maize with One Acre Fund has eliminated hunger in my home and has helped me pay for my children’s school fees,” Emily said.

To learn more about how LDS Charities is supporting families through food security, visit the Benson Food and Agriculture page on the LDS Charities website.