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Milk, Clothes, and Diapers for Syrian Refugees

Volunteers unload dried powdered milk from the bishops' storehouse at a warehouse in Lebanon.

To refugees from war-torn Syria who have settled in North Lebanon and Bekka Valley, Lebanon, milk and other food staples can be hard to come by.

That’s what made the delivery of an entire shipping container of dried, powdered milk from the Church’s bishops’ storehouse such a meaningful gift. The container was delivered to one of LDS Charities’ trusted partners in the region, where thousands of Syrian refugees have gathered.

LDS Charities worked with Rahma Relief Foundation, which has a team of employees and two warehouses in Lebanon, to provide the milk to refugees in the area. Most refugees lack basic necessities and Rahma Relief assists in many food and supply distributions.

“[LDS Charities'] intervention of milk, clothing, and diapers came at a critical time to refugees from war-torn Syria,” said Shadi Zazaa, president of Rahma Relief Foundation. “Ensuring sufficient clothing and milk to feed their children is one less issue they had to deal with. Although the needs are still vast, and the crisis is still ongoing, some personal comfort, dignity, and healthy baby milk can go a long way.”

After the shipping container was delivered to Rahma Relief Foundation, the 25-pound bags of powdered milk it contained were divided into smaller parcels weighing 2 kilograms each. These parcels were then distributed to families in the Ersal, Wadi, Khaled, Akaar, and Al Koora refugee camps.

One refugee family told a distribution officer, “God has sent you right on time, my baby did not have milk for a week.”

Deseret Industries also partnered with LDS Charities to deliver one and one-half shipping containers of clothing and half a shipping container of shoes to be distributed to refugees in Lebanon. These clothing items and shoes were selected from donated items at DI stores in the U.S.

The cost of shipping the three shipping containers overseas to Lebanon was covered by a third-party partner.

As part of the project, LDS Charities also helped Rahma Relief Foundation purchase and distribute child and adult diapers in the refugee camps. A two-week supply of disposable diapers was distributed to over 350 Syrian refugee families living in Lebanon.

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