Latter-day Saint Charities Updates

LDS Charities Giving Machines Generate Over $2.3 Million for Partners

A couple donates using the Giving Machines located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

During the month of December, LDS Charities worked with 4 international and 14 local partners to host giving machines in four locations around the world.

Visitors to the giving machines in Salt Lake City, Utah; Gilbert, Arizona; New York City; London; and Manila combined to raise $2,309,276 for LDS Charities’ local and international partners.

Visitors to the giving machines made over 70,000 donations in the following categories:

- 10,431 donations toward clothing and household needs

- 20,358 donations toward livestock and other animals

- 28,801 donations toward nutrition and meals

- 9,277 donations toward education and recreation materials

- 5,767 donations toward maternal and infant health

This is the second year that LDS Charities has partnered to put up giving machines. Last year’s single location in Salt Lake City raised over $500,000.