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LDS Charities and One Acre Fund Partnership to Enable Farmers to Lift Themselves Out of Poverty

Josephine Nyaboke (center), a farmer in Kenya, shows off her 2016 maize harvest, Photo Credit: Winnie Akiso

Josephine Nyaboke from Kenya is a mother of eight children who depends on farming to feed her family and pay for her children’s schooling. For years, she struggled to gain enough yield from her maize harvest to adequately provide for her family.

Like Josephine, many farmers in developing countries lack the resources or access to buy high quality seed and fertilizer, which negatively impacts the yield of their fields. But when quality products are combined with technical support and training, many farmers have a greater chance at providing a sustainable income to support their families in their traditional farming livelihood.

To enable farming families to lift themselves out of poverty, LDS Charities partners with One Acre Fund to build upon farmers’ strengths and magnify farmers’ efforts. The approach used by One Acre Fund does not create a dependency on the foundation but rather enables farmers to access high-quality seeds and fertilizer, which allows them to increase their farming harvest and income. One Acre Fund’s model has been consistently proven to increase incomes on supported activities by 50 percent or more.

One Acre Fund provides financing for quality seeds and fertilizer and then distributes these resources to farmers enrolled in the program. The farmers receive access to the needed resources as well as training to learn the best ways to plant and take care of the crops so that they can harvest more from their fields. This creates reliable access to food through local solutions and resources. Farmers can then produce more and sell more, which allows them to continue using higher-quality seeds to maintain their farms.

In 2016 LDS Charities funding enabled 4,207 farming families in Kenya to gain access to seeds and fertilizer. As a result, over 21,000 individuals now have improved food security and nutrition. Many families are now able to eat three meals a day, increase their harvest, and keep their children in school. Josephine is one of those farmers. By participating in the One Acre Fund, she received seeds and fertilizer, greatly increasing the yield from her maize harvest and allowing for better financial stability.

“I feel very happy when each morning I see my children dressed up in uniform running to school,” Josephine said.

LDS Charities is expanding its partnership with One Acre Fund in 2017 to help support programs in both Kenya and Uganda. The 2017 partnership will reach an estimated 39,000 individuals.

*Photo Credit: Winnie Akiso from One Acre Fund