Latter-day Saint Charities Updates

LDS Charities 2018 Winterization Efforts

A girl in Lebanon receives a winter coat from LDS Charities and Rahma Relief.

With winter conditions worsening in many parts of the world, shelter and warm clothing are more necessary than ever. While some camps are located in warm, desert-like areas, in areas like northern Iraq, winter temperatures can reach -15 degrees Celsius. Other camps are located in even more frigid areas. LDS Charities is working with partners to provide winter clothing, shelter, food, fuel, and other supplies to refugees, internally displaced families, and host community families in Iraq, Lebanon, Serbia, Pakistan and Syria. Partners include Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Adventist Development Relief Agency (ADRA), USA for UNHCR, UNICEF USA, Convoy of Hope, CARE, Real Medicine Foundation, Save the Children, and Rahma Relief Foundation.

With its partners, LDS Charities is providing more than 12,500 winter clothing kits for refugees, internally displaced persons, and host communities in Syria and Lebanon. The kits include basic winter items such as thermal blankets, sleeping bags, coats, jackets and other winter clothing. To the extent possible, items were procured from local manufacturers to stimulate the local economies. LDS Charities is also providing cash assistance to Syrian and Lebanese families. The following partners had projects that put together and distributed winterization kits: ADRA, UNICEF USA, CARE, Save the Children, UNHCR, Convoy of Hope, and Rahma Relief Foundation.

In addition to providing winterization and infant kits, LDS Charities is partnering with CARE and the Real Medicine Foundation (RMF), to provide warm clothing including hats, scarfs, socks and underwear, bedding, hygiene kits for men, hygiene kits for children and infants, dignity kits for women and other basic hygiene and sanitation necessities to help refugees and migrants in Serbia survive the coming winter. Real Medicine Foundation has procured enough hygiene kits to provide for every refugee and migrant in Serbia.  LDS Charities will also assist in the rehabilitation of refugee camps in Serbia by rebuilding water supply and sewage systems at the Obrenovac Transit Center, home to 650 young male refugees.  Real Medicine Foundation will support shelter reconstruction efforts for refugee housing as well as the rehabilitation of common areas where 4 rooms will be renovated and heated. New doors and windows will be provided for refugee sleeping quarters which will help keep in heat and offer better privacy.

LDS Charities is partnering with the Real Medicine Foundation to help some of the 5 million people displaced by Taliban driven terror in Pakistan. Many of these displaced families live in remote mountainous areas that face sub-zero temperatures in the winter months. Families will be given winterized tents with floor mats and carpets to help combat cold temperatures along with warm clothing, food packages fuel for heating and cooking, and hygiene kits. Unmet health needs of these communities will be addressed via a primary health clinic offering maternal and child health services at their doorsteps.

In Iraq, LDS Charities is partnering with CRS and USA for UNHCR to distribute a one-time cash donation to families. The money will be used to purchase a two-month supply of kerosene, high thermal blankets, heaters, and fuel storage containers.