Latter-day Saint Charities Updates

Project Helps Mongolian Children Breathe Better

LDS Charities volunteer and a doctor from Songino hospital hold a certificate of donation

In Mongolia and especially in the town of Ulaanbaatar, the winters are harsh and the air becomes heavy with pollution. Seeing the dire need that this situation posed, LDS Charities donated three oxygen concentrators to the Songino Pediatric Hospital in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The children in the hospital suffer from the air pollution and many even develop pneumonia and asthma each season. Before this donation, the hospital had no equipment or means to help those sick children.

The high-quality oxygen concentrators LDS Charities supplied will help these children breathe better and get the daily oxygen they need. The concentrators will also significantly decrease the likelihood of sickness. It is expected that approximately 3,600 children will benefit from the use of this equipment in a year’s time.

To celebrate the donation of these oxygen concentrators, LDS Charities representatives Alvin and Roxanne Nay and Enkhbat Damdin as well as hospital staff joined together for a ceremony. The hospital director, B. Galsantseden, expressed his deep appreciation for the donation and guaranteed that the concentrators would help improve and even save many children’s lives. Mr. Nay, LDS Charities director in Mongolia, presented the hospital with the concentrators along with a certificate of donation, and B. Galsantseden presented LDS Charities with a plaque in recognition of the donation.

LDS Charities is thrilled to continue helping the people of Mongolia, especially its young children, improve their health and well-being.