A child is immunized during a national immunization campaign in the Philippines.

National Immunization Campaign Provides Vaccines for Millions of Children

LDS Charities, along with other partner organizations, came together to support the Department of Health in the Philippines decrease the instances of sickness and death from measles, rubella, and polio throughout the country.
Nurse preparing a needle for vaccination during immunization campaign supported by LDS Charities

Church Works Toward Goal to Eliminate Preventable Diseases

LDS Charities has assisted in a worldwide goal to eliminate measles set by humanitarian organizations by providing funding, service hours, and education.
Mormon Helping Hands help with immunization campaign

Members Assist With Measles Initiative

LDS Charities joined the worldwide immunization campaign began by other humanitarian organizations in 2003 and in addition to financial support, LDS Church members have participated in campaigns by volunteering to spread awareness, helping at immunization stations, and other volunteer efforts.