Young girl smiles while wearing new glasses donated by LDS Charities and the Rotary Club of Kinabalu Sutera

Malaysian Children Fit With Better Vision for the Future

LDS Charities partners with the Rotary Club of Kinabalu Sutera to give glasses to kids in Malaysia. Learn more about how their joint effort helped here.
Young girl has a vision test at vision screening supported by LDS Charities

LDS Charities Teams Up To Provide Indonesian Citizens With Clear Vision

LDS Charities vision specialists partner with local doctors in Indonesia to treat 350 individuals. LDS Charities provided training, assisted in treating patients, and donated equipment.
Doctor and nurse perform retinopathy surgery

LDS Charities Prevents Infant Blindness by Providing Surgical Training

LDS Charities medical volunteers train Romanian doctors on treating premature infants with vision problems. Read more about the success of the training.
Doctors perform eye surgery as part of LDS Charities sponsorship of a doctor in Mongolia


Many people in Mongolia have serious eye problems, such as retinal disease, for which no treatment is available locally. LDS Charities partnered with local organizations to provide training to doctors to help in vision treatment.