Abdou lives with his wife and children in a camp in Chad.

Sheltering Refugees on the Banks of Lake Chad

Thirty-year-old Abdou lives with his wife and three children in a camp in Chad. He and his family left the village of Loulou on the islands of the Lake Chad region after violent attacks from Boko Haram. Read his story.
Abdul builds a shelter with materials from ShelterBox and Latter-day Saint Charities.

Providing Shelter for Syrian Refugees

Abdul Hakim is a tailor by profession. He’s from Homs Province, Syria, and like many people in Syria, he has been displaced often; for Abdul, it’s happened ten times in six years. Read how his life is being changed through the gift of shelter.
Refugee shelters in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

On the Ground in Bangladesh

This is the story of our response to the Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh. This is the world’s largest refugee camp and with pending monsoons, cyclones, a high potential for wildfires, and other challenges, people are referring to it as a disaster within a disaster. Click to read more and see photos.

LDS Charities Joins Local Groups to Celebrate World Refugee Day

LDS Charities is proud to join with the Utah Department of Workforce Services and local organizations in Salt Lake City, Utah to celebrate World Refugee Day. LDS Charities has helped sponsor the celebration for the past two years and we’re proud to celebrate the hard work and valuable contribution that refugees bring to our community.