Boys at the Autism House hold LDS Charities donations

Education and Life Skills for Disabled Children

LDS Charities donates education and life skills equipment to the Autism House in Jakarta, Indonesia that serves underprivileged children with disabilities.
Two Vietnamese Women practice on a sewing machine donated by LDS Charities

Self-Reliance Training Helps Vietnamese Women Work Within Their Community

LDS Charities helps women in Vietnam gain better jobs through a sewing training course and donated sewing machines for training.
LDS Charities volunteer and a doctor from Songino hospital hold a certificate of donation

Project Helps Mongolian Children Breathe Better

LDS Charities volunteers donate oxygen concentrators to the Songino Pediatric Hospital in Mongolia to help children affected by pollution. Learn more about how the concentrators will help children breathe.
Malaysian woman and LDS Charities volunteer sitting together at donation ceremony

Big Donations Help a Small Malaysian Island

LDS Charities, the Malaysian Welfare Department, and local residents celebrate LDS Charities' donations of hygiene kits, educational and recreational resources, and materials for a toilet in the village of Limbuak Darat for a school that teaches children with special needs.