Neonatologists in Uzbekistan practice lifesaving skills to save babies.

Training Doctors to Save Lives in Uzbekistan

Dr. Nigora Israilova, a neonatologist in Uzbekistan, will always remember the day when a baby was born not breathing in her hospital. Read how Latter-day Saint Charities training helped her save lives.
Neonatal resuscitation training in Thailand have helped save the lives of babies.

Infant Mortality Rate Drops by 27% in Thailand—among the Contributors Is Expanding Neonatal Training

Dr. Sarayut Supapannachart (Dr. Supa) is a neonatologist in Thailand with a special interest in neonatal resuscitation. For a time, he was single-handedly training doctors and nurses on how to resuscitate babies after birth, but he didn’t have the time, the equipment, or the budget to cover the entire country. With the help of LDS Charities, Dr. Supa has been able to build a standard of care that provides doctors and nurses throughout Thailand the training and equipment needed to save the lives of babies.

LDS Charities Specialists Train Midwives and Medical Professionals in Iraq

In February 2017, LDS Charities volunteers and maternal and newborn care specialists visited Kurdistan, Iraq, to help train local midwives, nurses, and doctors. Read more in this article.

Helping Babies Breathe with the American Academy of Pediatrics

In November of 2016, LDS Charities partnered with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to conduct field tests of Helping Babies Breathe (HBB), 2nd Edition learning materials. Learn more about the results of these tests.