Armenian family helping with water project

Bringing Clean Water to Thousands in Armenia

In Armenia, many of the village water systems have deteriorated beyond repair and are contaminating the water supply. LDS Charities has partnered with the Armenian government to bring water to nearly half a million people since 2003.
A young boy learns about sanitation.

The Teachers of Guatemala

LDS Charities partners with Water for People to bring clean water to rural communities like Sibac√°, Guatemala.
The construction of a well in Cambodia as part of an LDS Charities project

Building Wells in Cambodia

LDS Charities partners with the Cambodian government to give communities access to clean water. Learn more about the project here.
Students are ready to perform at the well project ceremony for schools in Laos

Laos Celebrates Clean Water

LDS Charities partners with local contractors to donate wells and bathroom facilities to schools in Laos. Learn more about the projects here.