Latter-day Saint Charities Updates

February Emergency Response Update

We respond to emergencies all over the world. Here is a summary of some of the emergency response projects we were involved with during February 2019.

Helping After a Havana Tornado

On January 27, 2019, a powerful tornado hit the city of Havana, Cuba, causing tremendous damage to homes, buildings, and infrastructure. The government reported there were six deaths and over 200 people injured.

In early February, LDS Charities organized emergency assistance and purchased supplies needed to prepare hygiene kits and food boxes. Additionally, we provided bedding to those whose homes were destroyed. These efforts will benefit 2,000 people who are now homeless or living in shelters following the tornado.

Providing Medical Equipment for Refugees in Lebanon

In the beginning of January, a large winter storm hit Lebanon. This storm affected the Arsal and Bekaa Syrian refugee camps. Multiple people were sick, and others died from the extreme cold. Others faced increased respiratory illnesses, infections, and gastrointestinal problems.

Because these refugee camps are so distant, refugees in the camps can’t reach medical centers.

LDS Charities is partnering with MedGlobal to run three mobile clinics and provide medications and medical supplies to medical centers in Arsal and Bekaa. Funds will also pay for laboratory testing, diagnostic testing (radiograph, ECG, echocardiogram, and ultrasound), and staff nurses.

With MedGlobal’s help, this assistance will reach 5,000 people.

Responding to Fire Destruction in an Iraqi Refugee Camp

One of the most dangerous parts of living in a refugee camp is the threat of flooding, fires or other natural disasters. Because tents are spaced so closely together, problems can quickly spread.

In Erbil, Iraq, a fire recently broke out in the Harsham refugee camp. Sixteen shelters were destroyed, displacing almost 100 people. These families lost all of their belongings—again—and have been moved to temporary shelters.

LDS Charities is donating funds to help construct new shelters with concrete foundations and electricity.

Destructive Flooding in Bolivia and Peru

Intense rains in Bolivia have caused serious flooding in Beni and to the north of La Paz. The flooding has killed over a dozen people and affected over 5,000 families.

LDS Charities, working with the Bolivian government, donated supplies to the families affected by the flooding. These supplies included blankets, water, toothpaste, toothbrushes, baby diapers, and toilet paper.

Flash floods also struck areas of Peru during the month of February. These flash floods, called huaycos in Peru, killed 10 people and destroyed over 100 homes. The floods also destroyed 15 bridges and washed out over 80 miles of roads.

The regional government requested that LDS Charities help provide aid to those affected. We provided water, blankets, and mattresses to 2,200 people affected by the flooding in Peru.

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