Latter-day Saint Charities Updates

Bringing Water to the Tati Family in Bangladesh

Maya Tati and her husband, Gola, live in Bangladesh. They earn only $1 a day and use that money to support a son, a daughter-in-law, and three daughters with disabilities. Two of their daughters are blind, and one is deaf-mute. Their disabilities require extra support from their mother, who assists them with walking, eating, and personal hygiene.

As the female head of the household, Maya takes care of all household responsibilities and chores. Maloti, age 21, and Gouri, age 18, are blind; they face many challenges when their mother leaves them in the house alone while she collects water or buys groceries. Maloti and Gouri slip in the mud during the rainy season and step on sharp objects, especially when they need to use the toilet without their mother’s assistance.

LDS Charities partnered with WaterAid, one of our global water partners, to help. We built a disability-friendly toilet for Maloti and Gouri so they can use the toilet on their own. We also built a path that connects the toilet to the bedroom and kitchen for the family. In order for Maya to access safe drinking water without walking long distances, WaterAid installed a shallow tube well in front of the house. Maloti, Gouri, Maya, and other members of the community, who also benefit from the newly installed water source and toilet, never imagined their lives could be easier.

“I am very relieved now that we have a new tube well and toilet outside our home, because I don’t have to worry about my daughters as much as before when I am outside the house,” says Maya.