Latter-day Saint Charities Updates

Bringing Clean Water to Villages in Nicaragua

Two children in Nicaragua who have received clean water with the help of El Porvenir.

Many people in Waslala, Nicaragua, currently go to rivers, creeks, watering holes, or hand-dug wells to find water. These water sources are often far from their homes, and disease and infections run rampant in them because of the lack of sanitation.

In November 2016 LDS Charities joined with El Porvenir, an international nonprofit focused on clean water and sanitation, to help communities in Nicaragua improve the quality of water, sanitation, and health education. El Porvenir aims to create long-term sustainability and universal access to clean water. With the help of LDS Charities, El Porvenir will be able to increase the availability of clean water in communities like Waslala. Right now, this village has clean water for only 35 percent of the entire population. El Porvenir’s goal is to help Waslala achieve 100 percent access to clean water by 2030.

El Porvenir and LDS Charities will help communities construct piped water systems and household latrines in addition to providing sanitation and hygiene education. Volunteers will help organize, train, and support community water committees to ensure long-term operation and maintenance of the new water systems.

The organizations will work with local governments to ensure both technical and financial support. In addition to government support, the local communities will play an active role in the project by providing labor and materials.