Latter-day Saint Charities Updates

August and September Emergency Response Update

Helping Hands volunteers assisting in clean up after Hurricane Harvey.

LDS Charities responds to emergencies throughout the world on a regular basis. Below is a list of our most recent efforts.

Mudslides in Sierra Leone

LDS Charities provided mattresses, shelter, food, and water for 500 people affected by mudslides caused by three days of heavy rain in Sierra Leone. The mudslides occurred on August 14, 2017, killing at least 1,000 people and leaving thousands more homeless.

Hurricane Harvey Relief

Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Houston, Texas, on August 25 with destructive winds of 130 miles per hour and up to 52 inches of rain in some areas. The storm caused over 70 fatalities and damaged nearly 50,000 homes. LDS Charities provided food, water, clothing, tarps, wheelbarrows, masks, cleaning supplies, and other basic supplies to assist those affected by the hurricane in Texas and Louisiana. Thousands of local Mormon Helping Hands volunteers helped distribute supplies and assisted in cleanup efforts.

Hurricanes Irma and Maria Relief

Hurricanes Irma and Maria swept through multiple Caribbean islands and Florida, causing severe damage. Over 180 lives were lost; islands such as Barbuda, Saint Martin, and Dominica suffered catastrophic devastation; and Puerto Rico’s power grid, transportation routes, and agricultural territories were left in shambles. Despite communication challenges, LDS Charities sent more than 40 containers of ocean shipments to islands in the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. Martin and other locations. The shipments contained food, water, building materials, hygiene kits, and cleaning supplies. In addition, one plane loaded with 80,000 pounds of food and water was sent to Puerto Rico.

Earthquake Relief in Mexico

Two massive earthquakes struck southern and central Mexico in September, toppling dozens of buildings and homes and leaving an estimated 450 dead and 6,300 injured. Hundreds to thousands of homes and businesses were either damaged or destroyed. LDS Charities provided 15,000 boxes of food, 300 tents, and 5,000 hygiene kits to people in the affected areas. Thousands of hours have since been provided by Mormon Helping Hands volunteers to provide relief.

Flooding Relief in Nepal

LDS Charities provided food and nonfood emergency items for more than 3,000 families in Sunsari District, which was heavily affected by flooding.

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