Latter-day Saint Charities Updates

April - May Emergency Response Update

Mali is experiencing a drought that is causing farms to fail.

LDS Charities responds to emergencies throughout the world on a regular basis. Below is a list of projects and initiatives that LDS Charities was involved with during April and May 2018. Many of these efforts are ongoing.

Emergency Food Security for the Ségou Region in Mali

The Ségou region in Mali is experiencing a drought that is getting worse. Lack of rainfall and drying-up rivers and lakes are causing people’s farms to fail.

Catholic Relief Services and LDS Charities are partnering to help sustain families in the region and enable them to purchase food and supplies. Over 600 families will receive mobile money cash transfers over a four-month period. These transfers will let the families purchase food according to dietary needs, availability, and variety. Over 9,000 individuals will benefit from these transfers.

Shelter and Basic Supplies for Central African Republic Refugees

Since 2013, violence in the Central African Republic has displaced hundreds of thousands of people. Over 500,000 refugees are still seeking shelter in the surrounding countries of Cameroon, Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the Republic of the Congo.

LDS Charities is working with USA for UNHCR to help improve the living conditions for over 2,000 refugee families. These families will receive nonfood items like blankets, tarps, sleeping mats, mosquito nets, and soap.

This emergency is one of the least-funded crises in the world, and LDS Charities is grateful to be able to make a difference.

Shelter and Food for Migrants in Brazil

In the Brazilian state of Roraima, where thousands of migrants have congregated, LDS Charities is helping local government and relief agencies offer support through shelter and food. Funds are being used to partner with organizations like Caritas and UNHCR–Brazil and to build shelters and sanitation systems. Additionally, LDS Charities is providing food, hygiene items, clothing, and bedding to migrants.

Emergency Shelters in Syria

LDS Charities continues to support refugees from the Syrian civil war. There are over 4 million refugees currently in need of shelter.

LDS Charities is working with ShelterBox and a local distribution partner to deliver 1,100 tents to families in the Idlib province of Syria. These tents will serve as shelter for over 6,000 people. Additionally, LDS Charities is helping provide hygiene and supply kits for each of the 1,100 families.

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