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June Emergency Response Update

We respond to emergencies all over the world. Here is a summary of some of the emergency response projects we were involved with during June 2019.
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Neonatologists in Uzbekistan practice lifesaving skills to save babies.

Training Doctors to Save Lives in Uzbekistan

Dr. Nigora Israilova, a neonatologist in Uzbekistan, will always remember the day when a baby was born not breathing in her hospital. Read how Latter-day Saint Charities training helped her save lives.
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Abdou lives with his wife and children in a camp in Chad.

Sheltering Refugees on the Banks of Lake Chad

Thirty-year-old Abdou lives with his wife and three children in a camp in Chad. He and his family left the village of Loulou on the islands of the Lake Chad region after violent attacks from Boko Haram. Read his story.
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How We Work
Latter-day Saint Charities at a Glance

Why Does Latter-day Saint Charities Work with Partner Organizations?

Latter-day Saint Charities works with partners to expand our reach and impact throughout the world. Our mission is to relieve suffering, foster self-reliance, and provide opportunities for service. To learn more about why we work with partners, click here.
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Church volunteers wearing Helping Hands shirts help clean up after a disaster.

How Latter-day Saint Charities Responds to Emergencies

What happens when disaster strikes? How does The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints respond? As the humanitarian arm of a worldwide church, Latter-day Saint Charities responds to emergencies and needs all over the world. Read this article to learn more.
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A Yazidi woman hugs a representative of Latter-day Saint Charities.

The Origins of Latter-day Saint Charities

Since 1985, Latter-day Saint Charities has worked in 170 countries and supported tens of thousands of humanitarian projects. Read more about the beginnings of the humanitarian arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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