How We Work


Immigrant Services is supported by donations to the Church’s Humanitarian Aid Fund.


Law Schools

The legal clinics are partnerships between the Church and local law schools. The Church provides resources for the legal clinics, and the law schools operate the clinics. Students from the law schools volunteer at the clinics. They gain practical experience as they meet one-on-one with immigrants and consult with practicing attorneys. A student director manages each legal clinic and coordinates the efforts of student volunteers.

Local Attorneys

Local pro bono (free) attorneys who specialize in immigration and family law provide legal counsel at the clinics. A lead attorney oversees each clinic, coordinates attorney support, and mentors law students. Local attorneys also hold immigration workshops four times a year to share information with immigrants.

Community Organizations and Agencies

Immigrant Services works with community organizations and agencies to provide services to immigrants. Volunteers develop relationships with service providers so they can refer immigrants to resources in the community. In turn, agencies refer immigrants to our services and often provide instructors for our cultural adaptation classes.


Immigrant Services is staffed by volunteers from local communities. Volunteer opportunities are available to all people, not just to members of the Church.

We accept volunteers for the following opportunities:

  • Legal clinic support: Assists volunteer law students and attorneys by welcoming and directing immigrants.
  • Welcome center support: Meets with immigrants one-on-one to determine needs, answer questions, and connect them with local resources.
  • Welcome center volunteer coordinator: Develops relationships with community organizations and recruits, organizes, and trains the volunteers.
  • Cultural adaptation class facilitator: Organizes and conducts cultural adaptation classes.
  • Cultural adaptation class subject matter expert: Shares information with immigrants about a specific class topic.
  • Public affairs specialist: Works with the local public affairs representative to inform community members about our services.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact your local ecclesiastical leadership, or find local opportunities on

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