Cultural Adaptation Classes

Inclusion and Self-Reliance

Cultural adaptation classes help immigrants adjust to life in the United States. As they attend class each week, immigrants learn information and life skills that help them overcome fears and integrate into society. The classes also provide opportunities for immigrants to develop friendships with other people in the community.

The classes cover the following topics:

  1. Communication
  2. The justice system
  3. The education system
  4. Personal finance
  5. Community interactions
  6. Transportation
  7. Physical health and safety
  8. Employment and worker’s rights
  9. Parenting
  10. Mental health

The classes are based on a 10-week curriculum adapted from the Family Counseling Services of Northern Utah. Each class is taught by a community member with expertise in the topic area. For example, a local banker may teach a class on personal finance.

Class discussions include general information, cultural norms and expectations, and common questions or concerns on the topic. Cultural adaptation classes are available in Spanish and other languages.

You can see what one of these classes is like in the video below: