Increasing Harvests by 40 Times in Kenya

1 May 2019

Consolata has benefited from Latter-day Saint Charities' partnership with One Acre Fund.

Consolata Akithe has eight sons and one daughter. But in northern Kenya, it can be hard to afford to support a large family, especially when the majority of families put food on the table by farming small plots of family land. Five years ago, Consolata couldn’t grow enough food to feed her family for a whole season.

It was then that Consolata decided to take out a loan from One Acre Fund. A loan that would change her family’s life.

One Acre Fund sells high quality seeds and fertilizer to farmers for just a small portion of the total cost upfront. Farmers then don’t have to repay the loan until after they’ve harvested their crops, giving them time to earn money by selling their yield.

Before using the better seeds from One Acre Fund, Consolata used to plant maize on half an acre of her land. From that half-acre, she could only harvest 16 kilograms of maize.

In comparison, her first harvest after using the higher-quality seeds and fertilizer yielded seven 90-kilogram bags of maize from the same half-acre of land.

She’s continued expanding her crops, and now she plants kale, onions, and sweet potatoes in addition to maize. She recently sold over half of her total harvest to send her oldest son to engineering school in a local city.

Latter-day Saint Charities is helping One Acre Fund expand its services to more smallholder farmers in Africa. We’re proud to help families achieve more with food security.

To learn more about how Latter-day Saint Charities helps increase food security around the world, visit the Benson Food and Agriculture information page on the Latter-day Saint Charities website.