Preventing Blindness with Latter-day Saint Charities
Millions of people around the world face avoidable blindness. Dr. Jesse Hunsaker has helped combat this issue. Dr. Hunsaker worked for 35 years as a general ophthalmologist, or eye doctor.
30 October 2019
How Latter-day Saint Charities Responds to Emergencies
Church volunteers wearing Helping Hands shirts help clean up after a disaster.
13 September 2019
June Emergency Response Update
We respond to emergencies all over the world. Here is a summary of some of the emergency response projects we were involved with during June 2019.
9 August 2019
Providing Shelter for Syrian Refugees
Abdul builds a shelter with materials from ShelterBox and Latter-day Saint Charities.
5 July 2019
Sheltering Refugees on the Banks of Lake Chad
Abdou lives with his wife and children in a camp in Chad.
5 July 2019
Maize, Beans, and a “Beautiful” Cow
Paslida Aseka stands next to the cow she purchased with funds from her excess crops.
16 May 2019
Increasing Harvests by 40 Times in Kenya
Consolata has benefited from Latter-day Saint Charities' partnership with One Acre Fund.
1 May 2019
Why We Buy Local during Emergencies
When a disaster strikes, our emergency response team responds as quickly as possible.
11 April 2019
Bringing Water to the Tati Family in Bangladesh
Maya Tati and her husband, Gola, live in Bangladesh. They earn only $1 a day and use that money to support a son, a daughter-in-law, and three daughters with disabilities.
28 March 2019
Why Does Latter-day Saint Charities Work with Partner Organizations?
Latter-day Saint Charities works with partners to expand our reach and impact throughout the world. Our mission is to relieve suffering, foster self-reliance, and provide opportunities for service. To learn more about why we work with partners, click here.
10 January 2019