Giving Hope to the Rising Generation in Somalia
Together, Latter-day Saint Charities and the World Food Programme are providing food for schoolchildren amid COVID-19.
31 July 2020
“I Love This Place!”
How a teenage refugee transformed trials into service
24 July 2020
The Impact of Mothers
Mothers are the lifeblood—literally—of children and communities around the world. Women and mothers today face great challenges, but when we support them in their efforts to do good, the impact we have together is immeasurable.
13 July 2020
Chad Measles Vaccination Campaign: Protecting children six months to nine years old to get the country out of the epidemic
We are in Dourbali, a department of the province of Chari-Baguirmi in Chad. Under the large tree at the corner of the Chief of Canton's house, the vaccination team welcomes small children, mostly accompanied by their elders, all concerned with getting vaccinated.
18 June 2020
Guidelines on Homemade Cloth Face Masks
Are you wondering if homemade cloth face masks are a good idea? The CDC recommends that homemade cloth masks—when combined with good hand hygiene and social distancing—can help slow the spread of COVID-19 in a community. Masks can limit the spread of germs from the mask wearer to others by helping block large droplets from coughs and sneezes. (See “Recommendation Regarding the Use of Cloth Face Coverings, Especially in Areas of Significant Community-Based Transmission.”)
3 April 2020
Emergency Relief Efforts and Hope During COVID-19
*Updated April 8, 2020In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people around the world are in need of help, supplies, and support. At Latter-day Saint Charities, we believe that there is hope and that the best way to cope with emergency situations is to help each other. We are working closely with our partners worldwide to provide emergency relief and hope to those in need.
20 March 2020
Preventing Blindness with Latter-day Saint Charities
Millions of people around the world face avoidable blindness. Dr. Jesse Hunsaker has helped combat this issue. Dr. Hunsaker worked for 35 years as a general ophthalmologist, or eye doctor.
30 October 2019
How Latter-day Saint Charities Responds to Emergencies
Church volunteers wearing Helping Hands shirts help clean up after a disaster.
13 September 2019
June Emergency Response Update
We respond to emergencies all over the world. Here is a summary of some of the emergency response projects we were involved with during June 2019.
9 August 2019
Providing Shelter for Syrian Refugees
Abdul builds a shelter with materials from ShelterBox and Latter-day Saint Charities.
5 July 2019