A Brighter, Healthy, More Nutritious Future for Refugees
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has given USA for UNHCR US$2 million to provide shelter and core relief items to those displaced by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.
18 July 2022
Family Displaced by Conflict in Ukraine: “We Left Everything and Just Ran for Our lives”
This article has been adapted for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with permission from the World Food Programme. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has given the World Food Programme US$2 million to help purchase food for those displaced by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.
8 July 2022
How the Church Is Helping Refugees in Europe
Relief supplies — including sleeping bags, cots and tents — are being delivered to local government agencies, the Red Cross and other NGOs
25 March 2022
Education and COVID-19: How refugees are finding a way forward
Latter-day Saint Charities saw an opportunity to help by collaborating with Jusoor, a leader in educational programs for Syrian children and youth.
14 February 2022
Mobility Matters
We at Latter-day Saint Charities strive to follow Jesus Christ’s example by caring for those with disabilities.
11 February 2022
Ten Ways to Give Back this Christmas Season
At Latter-day Saint Charities, we believe one of the best ways to celebrate Christ’s birth is through service.
17 December 2021
Things You Can Do to Promote Child Welfare on World Children’s Day
This November 20th, we join with religious leaders, civil society activists, individuals, and nations across the globe to observe World Children’s Day.
19 November 2021
Keeping Communities Safer This National Preparedness Month and Beyond
In an emergency, every second counts—that’s why it’s crucial to be prepared.
6 September 2021
Our Healthcare Legacy
The Church’s legacy of caring for health needs continues today and is an integral part of Latter-day Saint Charities’ mission. We provide healthcare services through immunizations, maternal and newborn health, wheelchair assistance, and vision and hearing care initiatives.
27 August 2021
Latter-Day Saint Charities Is Providing Relief Aid to Afghan Refugees. Here’s How You Can Help.
The information in this article was shared with the permission of the Middle East Church Newsroom.Through the support of our generous donors, Latter-day Saint Charities has recently provided many items to families and individuals fleeing Afghanistan due to the devastating fall of Kabul. Many have been reaching out in support and with willingness to assist Afghan refugees. Here are some ways you can aid refugees in your local community.
25 August 2021